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Empanelment of Training Institute

Uploaded Date : 2021-06-03


Uploaded Date : 2021-06-01

Empanelment of Faculty (trainer of high level)/ Subject Experts for NPC Capacity Building Programs (Contractual Basis)

Uploaded Date : 2021-03-16

Empanelment of Inspection Officers-Warehousing

Uploaded Date : 2021-02-22

Advertisement for Empanelment of Experts

Last Date : 2021-02-10

Empanelment Of Survey Agencies/Firms For Conductig Surveys

Uploaded Date : 2021-01-12

Empanelment Of The Post Of Project Associates On Purely Contractual

Uploaded Date : 2021-01-12

Empanelment Of Agency/ Firms For Conducting Evaluation And Monitoring Of Schemes / Projects Of Public And Private Sectors

Uploaded Date : 2021-01-12

Empanelment Of Principal Advisor/Consultants

Uploaded Date : 2021-01-12

Registration of Consulting Firms/ Professionals with National Productivity Council; water audit service

Uploaded Date : 2020-12-11

Registration Of Subject Matter Experts for the development of e-Learning-Course(s) content

Registration of Ex-NPC Employees/Alumnis for NPC Advisory, Consulting & Training Services

Registration of Individual Certified Energy Auditors/Energy Auditing Firms with Energy Management Group

Student Internship Programme

Uploaded Date : 2020-03-09

Registration of reputed National & International Consultants/Consulting Companies/Solution Providers with NPC CoE:IT for Industry 4.0

Uploaded Date : 2020-02-05

Registration Of Individual Consultants/Experts/Trainers

Registration of Organization(s) / Agency(s) / Institution(s)/Monitoring & Evaluation Agency/Survey Agency/ Research Agency

Uploaded Date : 2020-12-15