Due to the advisory issued by Govt. of India with regard to avoiding mass gatherings in the wake of COVID-19 Novel Coronavirus disease, the APO Alumni Discussion Meet on 27th March, 2020 stands postponed. The revised date and time shall be communicated later.

International Services

NPC is the Nodal Agency in charge of organizing Indian participation in the training programmes, workshops and seminars offered by APO in Member Countries on different subjects related to productivity. NPC also hosts APO programmes in India every year for participants of Member Countries.

To apply for the training programme (Please download the following PDF).

S.No. Title Of Programme Venue Start Date End Date NPC Closing Date Target Participant Program Details
1 Research on case studies of manufacturing transformation strategies for industry 4.0
New Delhi 15 July 2020, 17 July 2020 06-March-20 Researchers or policy analysts who have suffiecient background in and knowledge of manufacturing transformation strategies and Industry 4.0
2 Digital innovation Process guide for SMEs Manufacturers
New Delhi 26-Aug-2020 28-Aug-2020 06-March-20 Extensive knowledge of SMEs Operations, manufacturing digitization and transforming strategies and digital innovation processes for SMEs with publications in English
3 Research on Country diagnostics: Productivity and its Challenges
Tokyo, Japan Feb-20 Dec-20
4 Research on Digital disruption: Policy tasks and responses by Governance
Tokyo, Japan Jan-Dec 2020 (12 month) Extensive Knowledge of research experience and professional contributions to public policy tools for dealing with technological advances and relevant issues with publications in English
S.No. Title Of Programme Venue Start Date End Date NPC Closing Date Target Participant Program Details
1 Lead assessors course for APO Accrediated certification
Tokyo,Japan 07 Jan. 20 10 Jan. 20 18 Oct. 19 Internal assessors or management representatives responsible for managing certification activities.
2 Multicountry Observational Study Mission on Modern Farm Machinery
Tokyo,Japan 18 May 20 22 May 20 Senior governmet officials,policymakers,executives of farmer farm machinery SME associations, academics and consultants on agricultural machinery and mechanised farming.
3 Multicountry Observational study Mission on emaerging Models of Controlled environment Agriculture
Tokyo,Japan 08 Jun. 20 12 Jun. 20 senior governmet officials, policymakers,executives of farmer\\'s/agribuisness association,academics, consultants and extension officers in charge of controlled-environment agriculture.
4 Training of trainers on Lean Manufacturing systems
Dhaka, Bangladesh 12 April 20 16 April 20 30 Jan. 20 Trainers or consultants specializing in management in the manufacturing sector, representatives of industrial association or policymakers with experience in manging industrial plants
4.1 Postponed
1- June-2020 5-June-2020 30- March-2020
5 Study Mission to a Non-Member Country on Future Food Business Models
San Francisco,CA,USA Mar-20 Mar-20 14-Dec.-19 Senior officials in ministries and local governments responsible for promoting sustainable food resources and food products innovations, CEOs of agrifood companies in the noble industry or academics researching alternative food resources.
6 Training of trainers on Building Sustainable Supply chains for Agriculture
Bandung, Indonesia 23 Mar. 20 27 Mar. 20 27 Dec. 19 Govt. officials , Policymakers, executives of farmers /agribuisness associations , academics and consultants providing training on agrifood supply chains.

7 Workshop on Sustainability Productivity Models in Agriculture
Dhaka, Bangladesh 22 Mar. 20 25 Mar. 20 15 Jan. 20 Senior Govt. officers, consultants,researchers, academics,extension officers, and representatives of professionals ,associations in charge of planning, developing and implementing innovative models for agricultural productivity improvement.
7.2 Postponed
9-June-2020 12-June-20
8 Organic Agroindustry development leadership course in Asia
Ulaanbaatar, Mangolia 01 Jun 20 05 Jun 20 12 Feb. 20 Agribusiness industry leaders, officials of government and NGOs, consulants involved in the organic movement and representatives of organic certification bodies, farmers organizations
2 November 2020. 6 November 2020. 10 MAY 2020
9 Conference on successful model of smart Public services
Dhaka, Bangladesh 10 May 2020 12 May 2020 17 Feb. 20 officials of govt. agencies providing public services , policy makers at national or local govt. level or consultants on the public sector from NPOs
10 APO Development Workshop for Practitioners of Business Excellence
Singapore 27 Apr. 20 30 April 20 12 Feb. 20 BE practitioners, consultants, and assessors from the public sector, NPOs, and the private sector involved in implementing BE frameworks.
11 Workshop on smart services and technology for enhancing productivity in the service sector
Seoul Republic of Korea 18 May 20 22 May 20 17 Feb. 20 Govt. officials and consultants or trainers from NPOs or consulting firms providing service sectors productivity improvement consultancy and training for the service sector.
12 Workshop on Shaping the Future of Rice Value Chains and Policies
Tokyo, Japan 6-Apr-20 10-Apr-20 20-Jan-20 Senior governmet officials, policymakers,executives of farmer\\'s/ farm machinery SME associations, academics and consultants, incharge of planning and implementing innovative technologies and models for improving the productivity.
13 APO Accreditation and Certification Development Program
Tokyo, Japan Jan 20 Dec 20
14 Training of trainers on Critical Big Data Analytics to Drive Productivity
Bangkok, Thailand 20-Jul-20 24-Jul-20 10-Apr-20 Trainers from Govt. agencies and private sector enterprises invoved in data sciences training and other productivity impovement initiatives based on data analytics
15 Workshop on Data Assessment for Public Sector Productivity Improvement.
Suva, Fiji 20-Jul-20 24-Jul-20 10-Apr-20 Representatives of public sector organizations providing public services, policy makers and NPO Consultants on the Publiic Sector
16 Conference on Climate-Resilient Agriculture
Bali and Sumbawa, Indonesia 06-Jul-20 09-Jul-20 13-Mar-20 Senior Govt. officers, consultants,researchers, academics in charge of planning, developing and managing agriculture in the climate change
17 Workshop on Policy Initiatives for attracting youth and preventing Attrition in Agriculture
Makassar, South Sulawesi, Indonesia 20-June-20 26-June-20 14-Mar-20 Senior Govt. officers, consultants,researchers, academics in charge of planning, developing and managing agriculture in the climate change.
13 July 2020 17 July 2020
18 International Conference on Blockchain Solutions for Productivity
Seoul, Republic of Korea 7-Apr-20 09-Apr-20 06-Feb-20 Govt. officials invoved in block chain related industrial policy, academics in universities and research institutes responsible for block chain R&D, Founders of bockchain companies/ Startups
19 Workshop on Consultancy Skills and Strategies for Industry 4.0
Taipei, Republic of China 25-May-20 29-May-20 07-Mar-20 Management Consultants experienced in industrial digitization; Senior representatives of Industrial disital Upgrading and Productivity Practitioners from Training institutions and productivity Organizations
17 August 2020 21 August 2020
20 Study Mission to a nOn Member Country on Smart cities and Urban Mobility
London, UK 08-June-20 12-June-20 24-Mar-20 APO Directors, APO Alternate Directors, NPO Heads, Policymakers, Senior Govt. officials, Local Govt. Heads and NPO Consultants in charge of city planning, urban development or smart Cities.
20.1 PN Revision
14 September 2020 18 September 2020
21 Training of Trainers on Development of Rural Leadership for Change
Colombo, Sri lanka 25-May-20 29-May-20 17- Feb-20 Senior Govt. officials, Academics and Consultants in charge of training and consultancy leaders and/or from relevant institutions for developing leadership skills and growth mindsets for sustainable community development
22 Special program for capacity Building of sustainable Food value Chains for enhanced food safety and quality in Asian countries: Second Year
Selected Member Contries Sep-19 Oct-20
23 Conference on education for future industry
Jakarta, Indonesia 02-06-2020 04-06-2020 13-Mar-20 Policymakers and Govt. officials from Science, technology and innovation agencies as well as agencies and departments invoved in higher education and reskilling.
24 Workshop on Productivity promotion movement in the Digital Age
Phnom Penh, Cambodia 10-Aug-20 14-Aug-20 04-May-20 Senior managers/ officers of NPOs, NPO staff in charge of planning and designing or implementing productivity promotion strategies and tools, policymakers, govt. officials and policy administrators working on national productivity, innovation and competitiveness policy issues and public/ private consultants in relevant fields.
25 Certified Productivity Practitioners Course for NPOs
Manila, Phillippines 29-June-20 10-Jul-20 20-Mar-20 Professionals from NPOIs involved in training and consultancy.
26 Training of Trainers and Consultants in Green Productivity
Taipei, Taiwan 20 July 2020 31 July 2020 01-Apr-20 Trainers and Consultants specializing in production in the manufacturing sector and industrial digitization; executives and representatives of industrial associations, researchers and policymakers with experience in production and digital upgrading.
27 Training of trainers on Basic Automation through Simulation of Factory Operations
Taipei, Taiwan 15 June 2020, 19 June 2020, 16-Mar-20 Productivity practitioners from NPOs, Consulting Firms and enterprises associated with NPOs and professionals from ministries , govt. agencies or academic institutions responsible for promoting GP and sustainable development.
28 Workshop on Sharing Best Practices in Transparent Governance for Productivity Growth in the Public Sector
Colombo, Sri Lanka 11 May 2020 15 May 2020 01-March-20 Senior government officials responsible for delivering public services, NPO staff, and academics/researchers focusing on governance or public-sector productivity.
29 20-RP-16-GE-SNP-C
Specific National programs (SNP) For Member Countries
Tokyo, Japan One to Several weeks 01-06-2020 Open to the Public and no specific qualifications are required.
30 Workshop on Advanced Postharvest Technology for Horticulture Crops.
Islamabad, Pakistan Postponed Senior Govt. officials, policy makers, consultants, executives of farmers associations, senior mangers of agrifood enterprises and researchers and academics in charge of developing and promoting the PHM of horticultural crops.
31 Workshop on Agricultural Transformation for Food Security
Manila, Philippines 5 October 2020 9 October 2020 29- June-2020 Government officials, policymakers, executives/owners of farms/agribusinesses and related organizations, leaders of agriculture and food industry associations, and academics and consultants on food security and agriculture.
32 Training of Trainers on Village Tourism Development
Yogyakarta, Indonesia 20 July 2020 24 July 2020 Ist May 2020 Government officials, academics, consultants, and business leaders involved in rural development, particularly in village/rural tourism.
33 Workshop on Internet of Things Applications in Various Sectors
Taipei, Republic of China (ROC) 6 July 2020 10 July 2020 28 April 2020 Government officers and researchers involved in industrial development strategies and ICT policies, industry representatives with experience in digitization of business operations, and consultants and productivity practitioners supporting digital industrial upgrading.
34 Training of Trainers on Developing Future-ready Agribusiness Social Enterprises
15 June 2020 19 June 2020 (five days) 20 April 2020 Farmer-leaders of cooperatives and agri-based or rural-based associations/ organizations; CEOs and managers of social enterprises; officials of government and NGOs involved in promoting and implementing programs for the development of social enterprises, especially in rural communities; and academic researchers involved in extension services and social mobilization.
35 Training of Trainers on Advanced Strategic Management for Enhancing Productivity
Lahore , Pakistan 14 September 2020 18 September 2020 16 June 2020 Consultants/trainers of NPOs, SME development agencies, or similar institutions involved in consulting on productivity and quality improvement. SME entrepreneurs/top managers are encouraged to apply in consultation with the NPO concerned.
36 Workshop on Digital Agribusiness for Women Enterpreneurs
Coimbatore, India 20 April 2020 24 April 2020 10-Mar-20 Women govt. officials, CEOs or representatives of agribusiness associations and consultants and academics invoved in digital and e commerce related agribusiness training/ operations of women, especially in rural communities
37 Development of Public-sector Productivity Specialists (APO Certified Public-sector Productivity Specialists)
Manila, Philippines 3 -Aug- 2020 14- Aug- 2020 19-May-2020 Professionals from NPOs or associated management consultants assigned by NPOs for public-sector productivity.
38 5th International Conference on Biofertilizers and Biopesticides: Marketing and Commercialization
Taipei, Republic of China 18 -Aug- 2020 21- Aug- 2020 17-May-20 Senior policymakers, government officials, consultants, academics, and representatives of NGOs or enterprises/associations who are engaged in or in charge of B&B policy, analysis, product registration, and development and marketing of B&B in agriculture.
39 Workshop on Scenario Planning Development
Bangkok, Thailand 31 August - 4 September 2020 (five days) 4 September 2020 15- May-20 Officials of government agencies involved in formulating national-level economic planning or sectoral-level planning related to industry, manpower, economic affairs, or economic development or from other relevant government agencies including NPOs. Senior-level members of key industrial and trade associations will also be considered.
S.No. Title Of Programme Venue Start Date End Date NPC Closing Date Target Participant Program Details
1 Self-learning e-Course for the Agriculture and Food Sectors(Project Notification)
APO Secretariat and National Productivity Organizations (NPOs) Throughout 2019 The target groups are productivity practitioners, consultants, managers, academics, extension service providers, representatives of cooperatives and industry associations, producers, and all professionals working in the subject area from agriculture, agribusinesses, food industries, NPOs, government agencies, universities, and consultancy.
1.1 Self -learning e-course on innovation in Agroforestry systems
23-Dec-19 22-Dec-20 As above
1.2 Self learning e-course for the Agricultuire and Food sectors
APO Secretariat Throughout the year No specific qualification required
2 Self -learning e-course on smart transformationof Agriculrure
APO Secretariat and National Productivity Organizations (NPOs) 02 Mar. 20 01 Mar. 20 The target participants are government officers, agricultural producers, agribusiness entrepreneurs, agricultural extenslon workers, academics, and other individuals with particular interest in adopting smart technology in agriculture.
3 Self- learning e-courses for the Industry and Service Sectors
APO Secretariat Throughout the year Open to the Public and no specific qualifications are required.
S.No. Title Of Programme Venue Start Date End Date NPC Closing Date Target Participant Program Details
Member countries Jan.-20 Dec. 20
S.No. Title Of Programme Venue Start Date End Date NPC Closing Date Target Participant Program Details
1 Development of Demonstration Companies
Selected Member Countries Maximum 12 months (10 months for planning and implementation and two months for dissemination activities)
S.No. Title Of Programme Venue Start Date End Date NPC Closing Date Target Participant Program Details
1 Individual-Country Observational Study Mission
Member countries Up to one week (five working days) per mission
S.No. Title Of Programme Venue Start Date End Date NPC Closing Date Target Participant Program Details
Member countries 01 Jan. 20 01 Dec. 20
S.No. Title Of Programme Venue Start Date End Date NPC Closing Date Target Participant Program Details
1 Special Program for Capacity Building of Sustainable Food Value Chains for Enhanced Food Safety and Quality in Asian Countries: Second Year
Selected Member Countries Sept-19 Aug -20
1.1 Project Proposal


NOMINATION PROCEDURE: All the nominations should be routed through proper channel and as per the attached APO Biodata Form. The nominations received after the last date will not be considered. It is requested to send nominations by e-mail to, and All the information pertaining to the nominations will be treated as confidential and classified. The nominated officers may be invited as a faculty in programs on the relevant subject/s, organised by NPC.

FEES and CHARGES : An Application fee (NON-REFUNDABLE)of Rs. 500/-+ 18% GST for MSME Sector, Trade Unions and NGO and Rs. 1000/-+ 18% GST for others is payable along with the nomination form, for each participant. IN CASE OF SELECTION BY APO : NPC will charge Rs. 3,000/-+ 18% GST for MSME Sector, Trade Unions and NGO Rs. 12,000/-+ 18% GST for profit making organizations and Rs. 6,000/- + 18% GST for others per participant is payable towards handling charges and membership fee for the APO Alumni Association of India (AAAI).

The requisite amount can be paid through a demand draft/cheque/ECS drawn in favour of National Productivity Council, New Delhi. In the absence of application fee, the nominations will not be considered. Kindly e-mail the details of the ECS/RTGS/NEFT payment made on In this regard, the bank account details are attached herewith.In case if an invoice is required by the participant towards the payment of Fee & Charges, a request in this regard may kindly be sent to above email ids well in advance.

Shri K.D. Bhardwaj
Director(International Services)/ APO Liaison Officer for India
National Productivity Council.
Utpadakta Bhawan,5-6 Institutional Area,
Lodi Road New Delhi - 110 003
Phone No.- 011-24607328/12/13

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