Due to the advisory issued by Govt. of India with regard to avoiding mass gatherings in the wake of COVID-19 Novel Coronavirus disease, the APO Alumni Discussion Meet on 27th March, 2020 stands postponed. The revised date and time shall be communicated later.

International Services

NPC is the Nodal Agency in charge of organizing Indian participation in the training programmes, workshops and seminars offered by APO in Member Countries on different subjects related to productivity. NPC also hosts APO programmes in India every year for participants of Member Countries.

To apply for the training programme (Please download the following PDF).

APO E-Course
S.No. Title Of Programme Venue Start Date End Date NPC Closing Date Target Participant Program Details
1 APO e-Course on Innovative Entrepreneurship for the Youth
Digital Learning 31 May 2024 Enhance young entrepreneurs’ knowledge of innovative, creative industries and requirements for starting new businesses and present case studies of successful entrepreneurship ventures by the youth.
2 APO Productivity Talk
Digital Learning 1 January 2024 31 December 2024 Discuss current and emerging trends in productivity and innovation in various economic sectors through digital platforms, share exemplary applications of productivity enhancement tools and techniques, provide insights from APO programs for member economies, and document inspiring productivity success stories/case studies.
3 APO e-Course on Circular Economy Implementation and Strategies for the Public Sector
Digital Learning 30 November 2024 Present the core principles and concepts of the circular economy (CE); show how to formulate effective CE strategies tailored to unique sectoral challenges and opportunities; and offer practical insights on integrating CE practices into existing public-sector policies, strategies, and practices
4 APO e-Course on Digital Transformation Strategies for the Service Sector
Digital Learning 29 November 2024 29 November 2024 Learn the requirements for accelerating service delivery and enhancing quality through digitalization; acquire knowledge of digitalization strategies and roadmaps for service organizations; and understand the implications of emerging technologies for service delivery along with legal and technical considerations.
5 APO e-Course on Lean Management in the Public Sector
Digital Learning 29 November 2024 29 November 2024 Explain the principles and best practices of lean management as applied in the public sector, show how lean methodologies and strategies enhance efficiency and effectiveness in the public sector, and give examples of quality improvement processes in public service delivery through lean management applications
6 APO e-Course on Managing Disruptive Technologies
Digital Learning 29 November 2024 29 November 2024 Learn about the utilization of disruptive technologies and their management in the manufacturing sector; understand the value, business models, and areas of disruptive technologies across different sectors; and improve the performance and productivity of manufacuring value chains through effective management in adopting disruptive technologies at the organizational level.
7 APO e-Course on Performance Management Systems in the Public Sector
Digital Learning 29 November 2024 29 November 2024 Acquire basic understanding of emerging concepts, principles, and values of performance management in public-sector organizations; learn about different models and applications of performance management systems in the public sector; and understand effective performance management in practice.
Multi-country Projects
S.No. Title Of Programme Venue Start Date End Date NPC Closing Date Target Participant Program Details
1 Training Course for Assessors for the Green Productivity Specialists Certification Program
Face-to-face(New Delhi) 22 April 2024 26 April 2024 22 March 2024 Develop qualified, competent assessors for APO-accredited certification bodies (CBs); familiarize participants with the APO-GPS 201:2023 Requirements for Green Productivity (GP) Specialists; and impart the methods, criteria, and competencies required by assessors to conduct assessment of GP certification candidates.
2 Multicountry Observational Study Mission on Industrial Symbiosis
Face to Face(Vietnam) 21 May 2024 23 May 2024 29 March 2024 Develop an understanding of industrial symbiosis and its contribution to sustainability; provide references on and practical strategies for the circular economy; and discuss policies facilitating resource efficiency and sustainable industrialization.
3 Training Course on Gainsharing in Agribusiness Enterprises
Face to Face(Philippines) 20 May 2024 24 May 2024 29 March 2024 Introduce concepts and strategies of gainsharing and profit sharing; examine methodologies to design gainsharing plans and strategies; and explore gainsharing approaches for fostering a more equitable distribution of gains across agricultural value chains.
4 Training Course on Innovative Technologies in Vegetable Farming
Face to Face(Taipei) 3 June 2024 7 June 2024 1 April 2024 Understand the latest technologies and measures for improving the productivity of vegetable farming; explain the effectiveness of different innovative technologies and measures; learn about key success factors in innovative vegetable farming; and explore prospects for adoption in APO members
5 Development of Productivity Practitioners for the Youth
Face to Face(Mangolia) 10 June 2024 14 June 2024 1 April 2024 Provide knowledge of productivity tools, techniques, and enhancement initiatives; present examples of productivity-related programs for the youth; and build networks among productivity practitioners in APO members.
6 Training Course on Blockchain Application
Online 2 April 2024 5 April 2024 13 March 2024 Enhance understanding of blockchains and related technologies, grasp the applications and uses of blockchains, and seek ways to increase productivity by applying blockchain technology
7 Training Course on Applications of Virtual and Augmented Reality
Online 23 April 2024 26 April 2024 1 April 2024 Understand the concepts of virtual reality/augmented reality (VR/AR) and their transformative impact across various sectors; learn about VR/ AR applications in various sectors and their impact on productivity; and examine VR/AR project management and foresight, ethical considerations, and integration with AI.
8 Workshop on Innovative Transformation for Lifestyle and Service Sectors
Online 23 April 2024 25 April 2024 1 April 2024 Understand innovative transformation and its multifaceted components for productivity improvement; examine the impact of innovative transformation in the lifestyle and service sectors; highlight successful case studies of innovative transformation in the lifestyle and service sectors; and explore innovative strategies to enhance productivity in those sectors.
9 Training Course on AI Applications in the Service Sector
Online 23 April 2024 26 April 2024 1 April 2024 Understand how AI enables predictive field service, anticipates service requirements, and automatically adjusts business processes, thereby maximizing productivity, workforce efficiency, and customer satisfaction while reducing costs.
10 Multicountry Observational Study Mission on Enhancing the Participation of Persons with Disabilities
Online 24 April 2024 25 April 2024 5 April 2024 Evaluate the role of policies and advocacy in promoting disability inclusion in the Asia-Pacific, explore innovative models for disabilityinclusive social and business practices, and showcase best examples in promoting participation for persons with disabilities (PWDs).
11 Training Course on Building Community-driven Farm Schools
Face to Face(Indonesia) 10 June 2024 14 June 2024 5 April 2024 Introduce the concept of community-driven farm schools (CDFS); provide hands-on experience in key training components from best practices in APO members; and discuss critical success factors and how to disseminate good CDFS models and practices across APO member economies.
12 Training Course on Data Analytic Skills for Service-sector Employees
Online 23 April 2024 26 April 2024 1 April 2024 Introduce the concepts of data analytics, related technologies, and their connection to digital transformation; impart fundamental knowledge of data science and its applications in the service sector; and strengthen the capabilities of service-sector professionals in using data for management, decision-making, and innovation.
13 Training Course on Design Thinking to Improve Public Service Delivery
Face to Face(Indonesia) 15 July 2024 19 July 2024 8 May 2024 Train participants in the use of design thinking tools for applications in public-sector organizations to transform service delivery by engaging citizens, enhancing operations, enhancing collaboration and co-creation among stakeholders, innovative problem solving and improving the effectiveness and efficiency of public services across a broad spectrum of public management challenges.
14 Training Course on Building Social Innovation Systems
Face-to-face(Vietnam) 1 July 2024 5 July 2024 6 May 2024 Introduce practical knowledge and know-how on the design of social innovation ecosystems, enhance the capability to provide guidance in implementing social innovation systems, and exchange best practices on developing social innovation systems.
15 Training Course on Greening Supply Chains through Industry 4.0
Face-to-face(Taipei) 22 March 2024 22 May 2024 15 May 2024 Develop an understanding of key elements in the development of green supply chains (GSCs); learn about Industry 4.0 (I4.0) technologies solving sustainability challenges and their integration in business ecosystems; and gain firsthand experience of leveraging I4.0 technologies in decoupling industrialization from environmental degradation.
16 Training Course on Productivity-linked Wage Systems
Face-to-face(Cambodia) 1 July 2024– 5 July 2024 30 April 2024 Understand the concept and applications of productivity-linked wage systems (PLWS); enhance skills in designing, implementing, and managing effective PLWS; and share best practices and innovative approaches to PLWS among participating organizations and countries.
17 Training Course on Big Data Analytics and Data Visualization for Productivity
Face-to-face(Turkiye) 10 June 2024 14 June 2024 12 April 2024 Highlight the importance of using data and related methodologies and technologies for informed decision-making; impart fundamental knowledge of data analytics and visualization and their implications for business operations; and strengthen the capabilities of the workforce for innovation and productivity enhancement.
18 Training Course on Building Reliable Supply ChainsT
Face to Face(Sri Lanka,Colombo) 24 June 2024 28 June 2024 22 April 2024 Explain the latest concepts of reliable supply chain management; enhance understanding of the role of digital technologies in supply chains; and train participants in how to build and maintain reliable supply chains to ensure the uninterrupted flow and availability of materials in manufacturing.
19 Workshop on the Business Model Canvas for Startups and Entrepreneurs
Face to Face(Singapore) 25 June 2024 28 June 2024 22 April 2024 Impart knowledge of the Business Model Canvas and related tools supporting entrepreneurs and startups, provide references on practical strategies for entrepreneurship development and support, and discuss mechanisms and practices for a nurturing ecosystem for entrepreneurship.
20 Training Course on Blockchain Technology Application in e-Government
Face to Face(Cambodia,Phnom Penh) 5 August 2024 9 August 2024 31 May 2024 Learn the practical uses of blockchain-driven solutions in e-governance systems; understand the significance of blockchain architecture in elevating e-government initiatives and service delivery by public-sector organizations; and enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of egovernment programs through applications of blockchain technology
Research Programmes
S.No. Title Of Programme Venue Start Date End Date NPC Closing Date Target Participant Program Details
1 Productivity Analysis Series
Online 19 February 2024 31 December 2024 25 April 2024 Analyze emerging economic trends, technological advances, and social issues impacting labor productivity in APO members postpandemic; identify new opportunities to foster labor force resilience and adaptability; compile efficient policies and best practices in different economic sectors in APO members to promote productivity enhancement; and publish Series papers in 2025.
2 Research on Government Rightsizing and Restructuring to Improve Bureaucratic Efficiency in APO Member Economies
Online 29 February 2024 31 December 2024 27 May 2024 Provide a comparative analysis of rightsizing and restructuring reforms undertaken by the governments of participating member economies; assess the extent of rightsizing reform success in terms of increasing the productivity and performance of public-sector organizations; and provide recommendations on strengthening rightsizing and restructuring initiatives to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of the public sector.
3 Research on Enhancing Productivity among Persons with Disabilities
Online 20 February 2024 31 December 2024 15 April 2024 Study the status of persons with disabilities (PWDs) in APO members; identify structural barriers relating to inclusive employment; and examine employment policy interventions to enhance productive inclusion of PWDs in APO members.
4 Research on Measuring Productivity in Digital Workplaces
15 April 2024 31 December 2024 10 June 2024 Study the productivity gains from new work styles and digital workplaces due to advanced technology applications; explore how new digital tools improve performance in meeting client expectations; and recommend proposals to strengthen digital workplace strategies.


NOMINATION PROCEDURE: All the nominations should be routed through proper channel and as per the attached APO Biodata Form. The nominations received after the last date will not be considered. It is requested to send nominations by e-mail to, and All the information pertaining to the nominations will be treated as confidential and classified. The nominated officers may be invited as a faculty in programs on the relevant subject/s, organised by NPC.

FEES and CHARGES : An Application fee (NON-REFUNDABLE)of Rs. 500/-+ 18% GST for MSME Sector, Trade Unions and NGO and Rs. 1000/-+ 18% GST for others is payable along with the nomination form, for each participant. IN CASE OF SELECTION BY APO : NPC will charge Rs. 3,000/-+ 18% GST for MSME Sector, Trade Unions and NGO Rs. 12,000/-+ 18% GST for profit making organizations and Rs. 6,000/- + 18% GST for others per participant is payable towards handling charges and membership fee for the APO Alumni Association of India (AAAI).

The requisite amount can be paid through a demand draft/cheque/ECS drawn in favour of National Productivity Council, New Delhi. In the absence of application fee, the nominations will not be considered. Kindly e-mail the details of the ECS/RTGS/NEFT payment made on In this regard, the bank account details are attached herewith.In case if an invoice is required by the participant towards the payment of Fee & Charges, a request in this regard may kindly be sent to above email ids well in advance.

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