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Dr. K. P. Sunny, Director & Group Head (ES), Tel: 011-24607350, Email:





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You may submit the original article of maximum 250 words in MS Word format with images that is relevant to be the news item on productivity. You may also give and undertaking that is your original work and not copied from any other source and referred properly and I shall be responsible for any copyright issue found at any stage.


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Date – Jul-Sep, 2018


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Dr Nitin Aggrawal, Dy. Director (PA), Tel: 011-24607336, Email:



3. ENERGY AUDIT MANUAL – The Practitioner’s Guide

energy audit manual cover page


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Dr. Ambedkar Institute of Productivity (AIP), Phone: 044-26254904 & 26253144 Email:





Management Guide 

S.No.  Publication Name  Downloads
1 Communication MG15 Click Here 
2 Cost Control MG10 Click Here
3 Discipline in Industry- MG18 Click Here
4 Financial Management -MG22 Click Here
5 Human Relation – MG14 Click Here
6 Inspection & Quality Control -MG6 Click Here
7 Inventory Control -MG8 Click Here
8 Management -MG12 Click Here
9 Method Study – MG4 Click Here
10 Personnel Managment-MG13 Click Here
11 Production Planning and Control-MG9 Click Here
12 Productivity & Economic Growth-MG2 Click Here
13 Safety and Good Housekeeping-MG19 Click Here
14 Supervisors job-MG3 Click Here
15 Wage Administration-MG17 Click Here
16 Waste Control-MG7 Click Here
17 Work Measurement-MG5 Click Here


Supervisor’s Guide

S.No.  Publication Name  Downloads
 1 Cost Reduction – SG25  Click Here 
2 Incentives – SG23  Click Here
3 Industrial Relations – SG11  Click Here
4 Office Supervision – SG24  Click Here
5 Organization – Supervisor’s Guide 1  Click Here
6 Store Keeping – SG21  Click Here
7 Training – SG16  Click Here

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