Asian Productivity Organization International Programmes



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S.No. Project Notification Title Venue Start Date End date NPC Closing Date Target Participants
1 National Follow up Program (NFP)


Project Notification Addendum

Member Countries 01-Jun-17 31-May-18    
2 National Follow-up Program (NFP)


Member countries 01-Jun-18 31-Dec-18    
 1 Development of Center of Excellence(Project Notification)


 APO Secretariat  One year      
i) Workshop on Developing Productivity Specialists in the Public Sector(Project Implementation Plan)


 Pasig City,Philippines  12-Mar-18  16-Mar-18  20-Jan-18 Officials of public-sector organizations, local government officials, and NPO staff who are consultants on smart public sectors with at least two years of experience in this area.
2 Special Program for Promoting Public-private-sector Partnerships in Enhancing Food Value Chains in Asian Countries: Third Year


01-Feb-18 01-Nov-18      
3 Strengthening the Programs of the Center of Excellence on Green Productivity


APO Secretariat One year      
i) Strengthening the Programs of the Center of Excellence on Green Productivity (GP)

(Project Implementation Plan)


Member countries 01-Apr-2018 Mar 2019    
4 Strengthening the Programs of the Center of Excellence on IT for Industry 4.0


APO Secretariat One year      
 5 Development of Centers of Excellence


 APO Secretariat  One year      
1 Technical Expert Services (TES)18-IN-02-GE-TES-C Member Countries 01-Jan-18 01-Dec-18    
1 Individual-Country Observational Study Mission 18-IN-01-GE-OSM-C Member countries Up to one week (five working days) per mission   First Phase: 01-Mar-18 Second Phase: 01-Jun-18  
1 Training of Trainers on Benchmarking to Enhance Organizational Excellence in the Service Sector


 Suva, Fiji 10-Dec-2018 14-Dec-2018 14-Sept-2018 BE practitioners, trainers, or consultants representing government agencies and NPOs involved in organizational excellence.
2 Workshop on Innovations in Food Value Chains


Phnom Perih, Cambodia  26-Nov-18  30-Nov-18  22-Aug-18 Senior government officers, NPO consultants, and researchers and academics in charge of agrifood supply chain management.
3 Multicountry Observational Study Mission (OSM) on Best Practices in Agrotourism


Taipei, Republic of China  19-Nov-2018  23-Nov-2018  29-Aug-2018 Policymakers and senior ofFicials from government ministries or public agencies in charge of agrotourism and mral development: CEOs and  presidents of agrotourism businesses; or representatives of influential NGOs and academia involved in planning, implementing, or evaluating agrotounsm projects.
4 Multicountry Observational Study Mission on Regulatory Review Enhancing Public-sector Productivity


Manila, the Philippines 19-Nov-2018 23-Nov-2018 06-Aug-2018 Officials of government agencies in charge of regulatory implementation and review, or NPO consultants in charge of public-sector productivity.
5 Training of Trainers on Customer Satisfaction Index Development for the Service Sector


Seoul, Republic of Korea  12-Nov-18  16-Nov-18  16-Aug-18 Trainers or NPO consultants dealing with CS measurement and CS index development for the service sector.
6 Training of Trainers on Performance Management for Public-sector Organizations



Manila, the Philippines  12-Nov-2018  16-Nov-2018  05-Aug-2018 Senior-level public-sector officials or human resources managers   responsible for maintaining or introducing performance  management  systems in public-sector organizations, or NPO trainers for the public sector.
7 Workshop on International Marketing of Agrifood Products


Manila, Philippines 06-Nov-2018 09-Nov-2018 02-Aug-2018 Senior government policymakers and planners, CEOs and managers of agribusiness and food-industry enterprises and representatives of associations of such enterprises, and academics specializing in international trade in agrifood products.
8 Workshop on Innovative Rural Community Development Models


Yogyakarta, Indonesia  22-Oct-18 26-Oct-18  01-Aug-18 Senior government officials and community leaders responsible  for planning/implementing RCD projects or professionals and academics engaged in promoting RCD.
 9 Training of Trainers on Building Climate Resilience in Agriculture: Water Resources


Tehran, IR Iran  20-Oct-2018 24-Oct-2018 01-Aug-2018 Senior government officers, consultants, researchers, and academics in charge of planning, developing, and managing water resources in agriculture.
 10 Training of Trainers on Ecotourism and Agrotourism


 Nadi, Fiji 22-Oct-2018 26-Oct-2018 02-Aug-2018 Senior government officials, extension officials, academics, and consultants in charge of imparting training and consultancy for eco/agrotourism enterprise development and/or rural community development; or staff of relevant training institutions for promotin; productivity, competitiveness, and innovation for sustainable rural tounsm.
11 Training of Trainers on Scenario Planning Development


Colombo, Sri Lanka 15-Oct-2018 19-Oct-2018 01-Aug-2018 Officials from government agencies/institutions responsible for formulating national economic development plans or for planning in core ministries related to industry, manpower, economic affairs, or economic development, or from other relevant government agencies including NPOs.
 12 Training of Trainers in Material Flow Cost Accounting for SMEs


 Islamabad, Pakistan  15-Oct-18 19-Oct-2018 30-July-2018 Trainers or consultants engaged in MFCA training in government units/NPOs and representatives from industrial associations.
 13 International Conference on Public-sector Productivity


Manila, the Philippines 11-Oct-2018 13-Oct-2018 06-Aug-2018 Policymakers from central and local government organizations, and senior government ofBcials from relevant ministries and agencies involved in public-sector reform and productivity enhancement in the public sector.
 14 Workshop on e-Government for Smart and Productive Public Service  18-IN-62-GE-WSP-B

‘Postponement of Project’

Tehran, Islamic Republic of Iran 29-Sep-18 03-Oct-18 08-June-18 Government officials including those from state-owned enterprises and policymakers from central and local government organizations in charge of e-govemment programs.
 15 Workshop on Smart Agriculture Extension Models  18-AG-01-GE-WSP-B Colombo, Sri Larika 17-Sep-18 21-Sep-18 02-July-18 Policymakers and senior officials working in agricultural extension from government ministries/agencies or relevant NGOs, professional consultants, or academics involved in planning, establishing, or evaluating digital learning platforms for AES
16 Workshop on Innovative and Strategic Leadership for Enhancing Public-sector Productivity 18-IN-48-GE-WSP-A Colombo, Sri Lanka 17-Sep-18 21-Sep-18 22-May-18 Government officials including those from state-owned enterprises, policymakers from central and local government organizations, or senior officials/consultants for the public sector from NPOs.
 17 Multicounty Observational Study Mission on Innovation and Competitiveness in SMEs  18-IN-43-GE-OSM-B Taipei, Republic of China 10-Sep-18 14-Sep-18 15-June-18 Government officials in charge of SME development policies, representatives of industrial associations, and NPO consultants involved in supporting and training SMEs.
 18 Multicountry Observational Study Mission on SME Development


Seoul, Republic of Korea 10-Sep-18 14-Sep-18  29-June-18 Government officials and policy research officers involved in industrial policies, development strategies for SMEs, and productivity improvement initiatives.
 19 Workshop on Productivity Measurement in SMEs18-IN-80-GE-WSP-B Nadi, Fiji 03-Sep-18 07-Sep-18 16-May-18 NPO senior management staff in charge of SMEs and/or productivity   specialists of SME government agencies.
 20 Forum on Strengthening Accelerator Centers to Support Startups 18-RP-40-GE-CON-B

‘Postponement of Project’

Tehran, Islamic Republic of Iran 01-Sep-18 05-Sep-18 15-Jun-18 Policymakers and high-ranking governmental officials in charge of developing incubators and accelerators and representatives from successful incubators, accelerators, and startups.
 21 Certified Productivity Practitioners’ Course 18-IN-30-GE-TRC-A Tagaytay City, Philippines 20-Aug-18 31-Aug-18 01-June-18 Professionals from NPOs or associate management consultants assigned by NPOs. Qualified participants are selected from amongthose who previously enrolled in and passed the self-leaming e-course on Productivity Tools and Techniques (Basic and  Advanced) or participated in a DON project in the preceding three years.


Workshop on Developing Strategies for Enhancing Global Competitiveness and Productivity Growth 18-RP-18-GE-WSP-B Taipei, Republic of China 28-Aug-18 31-Aug-18 14-Jun-18 High-ranking government officials responsible for formulating  policies and programs for national competitiveness enhancement, innovation policies, and national productivity growth.
23 Workshop on Smart Industrial Applications in SMEs 18-IN-73-GE-WSP-A  Taipei, Republic of China 20-Aug-18 24-Aug-18 01-June-18 Government officials and policy research officers involved in industrial policies, development strategies for the SME sector, and productivity improvement initiatives; senior representatives from industry associations; and senior NPO officials with practical consulting experience in industrial upgrading and modernization.
 24 Forum on the Impact of Education Policies on National Productivity Growth 18-RP-11-GE-CON-B Manila, the Philippines 14-Aug-18 17-Aug-18 22-May-18 Policymakers and/or policy administrators in the areas of labor productivity, education, and other socioeconomic aspects of national human resources development from relevant government agencies at the central and local levels, universities, and public policy think tanks; and mid- or high-level NPO officials managing labor productivity issues.
 25 Workshop on Development of Productivity Champions 18-IN-31-GE-WSP-A

‘Postponement of Project’

Tehran, Islamic Republic of Iran 11-Aug-18 15-Aug-18 22-May-18 Productivity Practitioners and officials of NPOs involved in productivity promotion, recognition, and certification and award programs.
 26 Workshop on APO Public-sector Leadership 18-IN-54-GE-WSP-A Manila, Philippines 06-Aug-18 10-Aug-18 15-May-18 Government officials including those from state-owned enteqirises,  policymakers from central and local government organizations, or senior ofBcials/consultants for the public sector from NPOs.
 27 Training of Trainers and Consultants in Green Productivity(Certified GP Specialists)18-IN-34-GE-TRC-A Taipei, Taiwan 23-July-18 03-Aug-18 27-Apr-18 Paricipants representing government agenices and NPO in charge of labor-management issues, and representatives of labor unions. 
 28 Multicountry Observational Study Mission on Human CapitalDevelopment for the Future 18-RP-23-GE-OSM-B

‘Postponement of Project’

Tehran, Islamic Republic of Iran 28-July-18 01-Aug-18 01-May-18 Policymakers and/or policy administrators in the areas of labor, education, public health, demography, and other Socioeconomic aspects of human capital development from relevant government agencies at the central and local levels; and mid- or high-level NPO officials managing labor productivity issues
 29 Workshop on Science, Technology, and Innovation Policies and Productivity Enhancement 18-RP-10-GE-WSP-B Hanoi, Vietnam 07-Aug-18 10-Aug-18 01-June-18 Policymakers and governmental officials in charge of STIP, innovation policy, and R&D policy.
Project Notification Addendum 27-Nov.-18 30-Nov.-18 10-Sep-18
30 3rd International Conference on Biofertilizers and Biopesticides: Novel Industry Techniques, Market Trends, and International Cooperation  18-AG-40-GE-CON-A


Taipei, Republic of China 07-Aug-18 10-Aug-18 29-May-18 Senior policymakers, government officers, consultants, academicsrepresentatives of NGOs and enterprises associations, and managers and entrepreneurs of B&B companies in charge of promoting clean, safe, environment-friendly, sustainable agriculture.
31 Top Management Forum on Knowledge Management and Innovation for SMEs18-IN-90-GE-CON-A Nadi, Fiji 18-July-18 20-July-18 11-Apr-18 Participants representing government agencies and NPOs, KM consultants involved in planning and implementing KM frameworks and innovation for SMEs.
32 Multicountry Observational Study Mission on labour Management Relations


Jakarta, indonesia 23-July-18 27-July-18 15-Apr-18 Participants representing government agencies and NPO in charge of labor-management issues, and representatives of labor unions. 
   Project Notification Addendum   23-July-2018 26-July-2018    


Workshop on Innovative Technologies for Increasing Agricultural Water Productivity 18-AG-03-GE-WSP-B Colombo, Sri Lanka 23-July-18 27-July-18 15-May-18 Senior government officers, managers of water companies, and researchers and academics in charge of developing and promoting innovative agricultural water management technologies.
 34 Strategic Planning Workshop for Senior Planning Officers of NPOs18-RP-34-GE-SPW-A Tokyo, Japan 11-July-18 12-July-18 30-Apr-18 APO Directors/Alternate Directors and NPO Heads
35 Training of Trainers in Lean Manufacturing Systems 18-IN-20-GE-TRC-A Selangor, Malaysia 09-July-18 13-July-18 27-Apr-18 Trainers or consultants specializing in management in the manufacturing sector , representatives from industrial associations, for policymakers with experience in managing industrial plants.
36 International Forum on Public-sector Productivity 18-IN-50-GE-CON-A Colombo, Sri Lanka 02-July-18 04-July-18 25-Apr-18 Government officials including those from state-owned enterprises, policymakers from central and local government organizations, public-sector productivity experts/ researchers, or senior officials/ consultants from NPOs.
37 Training of Trainers on Strengthening the Participation of Producers’ Associations and Farmers’ Cooperatives in Value

Chains 18-AG-19-GE-TRC-B

Islamic Republic of Iran 30-June-18 04-July-18 14-Apr-18 Senior government officials, academics, and consultants in charge of imparting training and consultancy to FCs/PAs and/or relevant institutions for promoting productivity, quality, and innovation.
 Tentative Program
38 Workshop on Digital Agribusiness 18-AG-49-GE-WSP-B Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia 25-Jun-18 29-Jun-18 20-Apr-18 Government ofFicials, CEOs, and representatives of agribusiness  associations, and consultants and academics in charge of digitizing the agribusiness operations.
39 Workshop on Readiness for Industry 4. 0: Assessment and Steps for manufacturers 18-IN-56-GE-WSP-A Taipei, Republic of China 25-Jun-18 29-Jun-18 05-Apr-18 Government officials and policy research officers involved in industrial policies, development strategies for the SME and manufacturing sectors, and productivity improvement  initiatives; senior representatives from associations of industrial sectors; and senior NPO officials with practical consulting experience in industrial upgrading and modernization.
40 Multicountry Observational Study Mission on Smart Rice Farming17-AG-36-GE/SPP-OSM-B Tokyo, Japan 04-June-18 09-June-18 02-Apr-18 Senior policymakers and planners, senior executives/CEOs of farm machinery institutes, and senior professionals and academics in charge of promoting the development and adoption of advanced

machines/technologies for sustainable rice farming. Preference will be given to those in a position to develop plans based on learning from the study mission and implement them for promoting smart farming  technologies for greater multiplier effects.

41 Training of Trainers in total Quality Management for Industries 18-IN-36-GE-TRC-A Taipei, Republic of China 04-June-18 08-June-18 26-Mar-18 Trainers or consultants speciializing in quality management in the manufacturing sector and representatives from Industrial associations or plicymaking instiutions with practical experience in quality managemtn in industrial plants
 42 Workshop on Food Quality and Safety Assurance in Modern Food Production Systems 18-AG-43-GE-WSP-A Bangkok, Thailand 28-May-18 01-June-18 10-Apr-18 Senior government oiBcers, NPO consultants, and researchers and academics in charge of quality and safety management in the food industry.
 43 Training Course on Enrgy Efficiency and Conservation16-IN-78-GE/SPP-TRC-A Japan 22-May-18 25-May-18  20-Feb-18 NPO staff, officials of releant government ageni3w, managers of privagte firms responsible for enry management, ad consltants and professionals workng in the fields of energy management/energy/energy auditing 
 44 Workshop on Innovations in Postharvest Handling of Perishables 18-AG-45-GE-WSP-B Dhaka, Bangladesh 20-May-18 24-May-18 02-Apr-18 Senior government officers, NPO consultants, and researchers and academics in charge of developing and promoting postharvest management of perisliables.
 45 Training of Trainers in Total Productive Maintenance Applications for manufacturing18-IN-13-GE-TRC-B Dhaka, Bangladesh 29-Apr-18 03-May-18 20-Feb-18 Trainers or consultants specializing in production and   maintenance  management in the manufacturing sector and representatives from industrial associations and policy makers with experiences in production or maintenance management in industrial plants.
 46 APO Development Workshop for Practitioners of Business Excellence18-IN-28-GE-WSP-B Singapore 12-Mar-18 15-Mar-18 22-Jan-18 BE practitioners, consultants, and assessors from the publicsector involved in implementing BE frameworks.
 47 Study Mission on Productivity Enhancement through Applications of Industry 4.017-IN-83-SPP-OSM-A Tokyo, Japan 06-Mar-18 09-Mar-18 12-Dec-17 CEOs or operation managers in the manufacturing-related sector, senior government officials involved in setting industrial policy, and representatives of industrial associations.
 48 Advanced Agribusiness Management Course for Executives and Managers18-AG-12-GE-WSP-B Bali, Indonesia 05-Mar-18 09-Mar-18 16-Jan-18 Senior representatives of agribusiness SMEs associations and academics/consultants in charge of analyzing food industry SMEs
 49 Forum on Strengthening Food Safety Standards17-AG-29-GE-CON-B


Colombo, Sri Lanka 05-Mar-18 08-Mar-18 15-Nov-17 Senior government officials, production managers, consultants, and food industry executives in charge of FSM systems in the food processing industry
Project Notification Addendum          
50 Training of Trainers on Lean Manufacturing for SMEsProject Notification17-IN-20-GE-TRC-B Islamabad, Pakistan 18-Dec-17 22-Dec-17 25-Sep-17 SME Owners or senior/mid-level managerial or technical personnel, professional consultants, or NPO consultants/trainers
Project Notification Addendum 26-Feb-18 02-Mar-18 15-Dec-17
51 Forum on Women’s Labor Force Participation and Productivity Enhancement17-RP-37-SPP-CON-B Tokyo, Japan 05-Feb-18 07-Feb-18 01-Dec-17 Government Officers from business associations, industry leaders, and academicis involved in promoting and or implementing programs for women.
52 Multi-country Observational Study Mission on ICT Innovation in the Service SectorProject Notification17-IN-24-GE-OSM-A Dhaka, Bangladesh 02-Oct-17 05-Oct-17  14-July-17 Managers from the Service sector with suitable IT background, representatives of service sector firms with ICT Applications, ICT Experts/Professionals and Productivity Practitioners with suitable IT backgrounds
Project Notification Addendum 07-Jan-18 10-Jan-18 05-Nov-17
53 Productivity Improvement for the Supporting Industry Based on NPOs’ Proposals16-IN-60-SPP-TRC-B APO Secretariat and National Productivity Organizations (NPOs Jan 2017-Dec 2019      
PIP: Productivity Improvement for the Supporting Industry16-IN-60-SPP-TRC-B  July 2017- June 2018      
54 APO Productivity Practitioners Certification ManagementSystem 18-IN-70-GE-RES-A APO Secretariat Throughout the year      
 55 Program Development Fund18-RP-01-GE-RES-C  APO Secretariat Between one week and several months, depending on the type of project or activity    
56 Research on Capacity Development Needs for Industry 4.0


 APO Secretariat  September 2018-March 2019 (six months) Expert Coordination Meeting: 12-14 September 2018 (three days) in New Delhi, India    13-July-18 Government officials, researchers, academics, or policy analysts who advise governments in areas related to the development of capacity-building national roadmaps for the adoption of Industry 4.0 and who have sufficient background in and knowledge of industrial digitization strategies and Industry 4. 0.
57 Research on Successful Agribusiness Models: Case Studies of Value Chain Analysis for Agroprocessing Enterprises


 APO Secretariat   June 2018  May 2019    
58 Specific National Program for Member Countries (SNP)


 Member countries One year commencing from 1 July 2018 From one to several weeks, depending on the type of activity  01-Oct-2018  


1 e-Learning Course on Management Innovation in SMEs



Session 2: Fiji, India, IR Iran, Pakistan, Philippines, Sri

Lanka, Vietnam

Session 2: 15-Oct-18 Session 2: 18-Oct-18 16-Aug-18 Staff and managers of SMEs including owners; NPO staff providing innovation consultancy for SMEs; policymakers or regulators involved in innovation policy for SMEs; or professionals with relevant  backgrounds and experience (participants who attended the e-learning course on Management Innovation in SMEs will be given priority).
 Project Notification Addendum
 2 e-Learning Course on Customer Satisfaction Management for

the Health Sector


Session 2: Bangladesh, India, IR Iran, Nepal, Pakistan, and


Session 2: 3–Dec-18 Session 2: 6-Dec-18  01-Nov-2018 Staff and managers from the health sector or NPO consultants providing productivity improvement consultancy for the service/ health sector.
3 e-Learning Course on Waste Management in Agribusiness


Session 1: Bangladesh, India, IR Iran, Nepal, Pakistan, Sri Lanka Session 1: 27-Nov-18 Session 1: 30-Nov-18 17-Aug-2018 Officials of national and local governments engaged in waste management in agribusiness; CEOs, business leaders, and Managers of private-sector agribusinesses who want to develop AWM; and professional consultants and academics involved in agriculture and food waste management.
1 Self-learning e-Course for the Agriculture Sector(Project  Notification) 


APO Secretariat and National Productivity Organizations (NPOs Throughout 2017      
i) Self-learning e-course on Agri Business Management (Advanced)(Project Implementation Plan)17-AG-23-GE-DLN-A-02   15-Dec-17 17-May-18    
ii) Self-learning e-Course on Food Safety Management (Advanced)(Project Implementation Plan)17-AG-23-GE-DLN-A-03   15-Dec-17 14-June-18     
iii) Self-learning e-course on Rural Entrepreneurship Development(Project Implementation Plan)


  11-Sep-17 10-Feb-18    
2 Self-learning e-course for the Agriculture and Food Sectors


APO Secretariat and National Productivity Organizations (NPOs) Throughout 2018      
i) Self-learning e-Course on Business Models for Women Entrepreneurs (Project Implementation Plan)


 APO Secretariat and National Productivity Organizations


15-Oct-2018 14-April-2019   The target participants are women entrepreneurs, CEOs, and managers of SMEs who want to scale up their businesses; consultants, trainers, and professionals engaged in business advisory services for women; and those who want to learn to develop business models for sustainable, innovative businesses.
ii) Self-learning e-Course on Future Food: Exploring Business Opportunities(Project Implementation Plan)


APO Secretariat and National Productivity Organizations


01-Nov-2018 30-April-2019   The target participants are farmers, rural leaders, entrepreneurs, and SMEs in primary industry who want to explore agricultural and sea resources for food businesses in future; and consultants, trainers, and professionals engaged in novel, innovative business development advisory services.
3 Self-learning e-Courses for the Industry and Service Sectors


APO Secretariat and National Productivity Organizations(NPOs) Throughout 2018      
 4 Self learning e-Courses for the Industry and Service Sectors

(Project Notification)


APO Secretariat and National Productivity Organizations


Throughout 2017      
 i)  Self-learning e-Course on Smart Manufacturing: Basic

(Project Implementation plan)


APO Secretariat and National Productivity Organizations


 01-May-2018  31-Dec-2018   The target groups for this course are production or manufacturing floor managers with engineering backgrounds, especially in enterprises planning to introduce smart manufacturing systems, and seeking a basic understanding of Industry 4, 0.
 ii)  Self-learning e-Course on the Energy Management System Auditors’ Course

(Project Implementation Plan)


 APO Secretariat and National Productivity Organizations


 01-May-2018  31-Dec-2018   The target groups are environmental/ GP/energy management personnel, trainers, or  consultants, and senior/mid-level managerial and technical personnel from industry in the environmental/ energy field.
iii) Self-learning e-Course on Smart Manufacturing: Advanced

(Project Implementation Plan)


APO Secretariat and National Productivity Organizations


 01-Aug-18 31-Dec.-18   The target groups for this course are production or manufacturing floor managers with engineering backgrounds, especially in enterprises planning to introduce smart manufacturing systems, who are seeking an advanced understanding of Industry 4. 0.



NOTE: The nomination form may be accompanied by a draft of Rs. 1000/- (NON-REFUNDABLE) drawn in favour of National Productivity Council, New Delhi (Rs. 500/- for MSME Sector, trade unions and NGO’s) for each participant. In the absence of application fee and bio-data, the nominations will not be considered. In case of selection by APO, NPC will charge Rs. 6,000/- (Rs. 3,000/- for MSME Sector, Trade Unions and NGO’s) per participant towards handling charges and admission fee which is mandatory for the APO Alumni Association of India (AAAI). In case of profit making organizations, the handling charges would be Rs. 12,000/- per participant.


Goods and Service Tax (GST) @ 18% shall be applicable separately on application fee and handling charges.


Please send the filled-in bio data in APO format as PDF to ; and  One hard copy of the filled-in bio data in APO format along with requisite Application fees through Demand Draft shall please be submitted to:


Shri K D Bhardwaj

Director & Head (International Services)

National Productivity Council

5-6 Institutional Area,

Utpadakta Bhawan

Lodi Road

New Delhi – 110 003



Please read the project notification carefully before applying.