Memorandum of Understanding between National Productivity Council, India (NPC) and Al Etihad Energy Services Co. LLC Dubai (Etihad ES)

On the eve of 68th Republic Day, i.e., on 26th January 2017, a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) was signed between NPC and Al Etihad Energy Services Co. LLC for carrying out energy assessment and promoting energy efficiency in United Arab Emirates. The MOU between the two countries is an intent to work together in the field of Energy Management, covering equipment and services, to develop all necessary services for the industrial and commercial sectors of United Arab Emirates.

The Etihad ES is a registered Energy Service Company under Government of Dubai, is committed to achieve the targets set by the Government of Dubai in pursuing a green economy for sustainable development. NPC is professionally equipped to provide energy assessment services that evaluate the state of industrial energy usage and assessment of the readiness of industrial companies through internationally accepted energy auditing and measurement & verification standards. The objective is to take appropriate action to reduce consumption of water, Air, Gas, Electricity and Steam (WAGES) for progressively achieving improvements through existing and new investments.

As agreed upon by the parties, NPC will provide the following services for relevant projects of Etihad ES.


• Assist Etihad ES in Energy Assessment Services

• Training and Certification of Energy Auditors

• Demand Side Management

• Conducting Energy Audit in selected Utilities and Processes Plants.

• Identification of various Energy Conservation Measures (ECMs) and Development of ECMs