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S.no. Project Title Project Code Venue Start Date End Date NPC Closing Date Download forms
APO International Programmes
1 Research of Case Studies of Diversity Management and Human Capital Strategy 16-RP-15-GE-RES-B Seoul, Republic of Korea 28/9/2016 30/09/2016 10-08-16 Click Here
2 Workshop on MSME Development Policies 16-RP-25-GE-WSP-B Tehran, Islamic Republic of Iran 11-12-16 15/11/2016 25/08/2016 Click Here
3 Asian Food and Agribusiness Conference: Greening the Food Supply Chain 10-AG-01-GE-CON-A Bali, Indonesia 26/10/2016 28/10/2016 28/08/2016 Click Here
4 International Conference on Material Flow Cost Accounting 16-IN-22-GE-CON-A Tehran, Islamic Republic of Iran 12-12-16 14/12/2016 09-01-16 Click Here
5 Multi-country Observational Study Mission on Strengthening Public-private-sector Partnerships in Developing Competitive Agribusiness 16-AG-01-GE-OSM-A Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia 12-05-16 12-09-16 09-01-16 Click Here
6 Workshop on Developing the APO Public-sector Leadership Framework 16-IN-97-GE-WSP-A Manila, the Philippines 14/11/2016 18/11/2016 22/08/2016 Click Here
7 Multi country Observational Study Mission on advanced Energy Technology 16-IN-05-GE-OSM-B Tehran, Islamic Republic of Iran 01-10-2016 05-10-2016 01-08-2016  Click Here
8 Training of Trainers on Business Excellence for SMEs 16-IN-28-GE-TRC-B Singapore 24/10/2016 27/10/2016 03-08-2016  Click Here
9 Multi country of Observational Study Mission on Industrial Engineering Techniques for Productivity Improvoement in SMEs 16-IN-73-GE-OSM-B Singapore 07-11-2016 10-11-2016 19-08-016  Click Here
10 International Conference on Innovations and Applications of New Technologies to Improve Productivity 16-RP-04-GE-CON-A Colombo Sri Lanka 12-10-2016 14-10-2016 19-08-2016  Click Here
11 E Learning Course on Innovative Approaches in Marketing of Agri-food products 16-AG-31-GE-TRC-B New Delhi, India 05-12-2016 08-12-2016 14-10-2016  Click Here
12 1st International Conference on Biofertilizers and Biopesticides from 23-26 August, 2016, Taiwan 16-AG-30-GE-CON-A Taiwan 23-08-2016 26-08-2016 14-06-2016  Click Here
13 Workshop on Customer Relationship Management (CRM) for SMEs 16-IN-70-GE-WSP-B Taipei, Taiwan 05-09-2016 09-09-2016 22-06-2016  Click Here
14 Multicountry Observational Study Mission: Promoting GP with Focus on Smart Grids and Green Energy 16-IN-46-GE-OSM-B Taipei, Taiwan 05-09-2016 09-09-2016 01-07-2016  Click Here
15 Training Course on Lean Applications Focusing on the Service Industry 16-IN-19-GE-TRC-B Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam 19-09-2016 23-09-2016 01-07-2016  Click Here
16 Conference on Customer Satisfaction (CS) Measurement and CS Index Development for the Service Industry 16-IN-32-GE-CON-A Taipei, Taiwan 04-10-2016 06-10-2016 15-07-2016  Click Here
17 Study Mission to a Nonmember Country on Innovations in Agriculture to Increase Productivity and Profitability 16-AG-28-GE-SMN-A Adelaide, Australia 07-11-2016 12-11-2016 18-07-2016  Click Here
18 Training Course on Food Safety Management Systems: Advanced Course for SMEs in the Agrifood Industry 16-AG-05-GE-TRC-B Taipei, Taiwan 03-10-2016 07-10-2016 29-07-2016  Click Here


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NOTE: The nomination form may be accompanied by a draft of Rs. 1000/- (NON-REFUNDABLE) drawn in favour of National Productivity Council, New Delhi (Rs. 500/- for MSME Sector, trade unions and NGO’s) for each participant.  In the absence of application fee and bio-data, the nominations will not be considered.  In case of selection by APO, NPC will charge Rs. 6,000/- (Rs. 3,000/- for MSME Sector, Trade Unions and NGO’s) per participant towards handling charges and admission fee which is mandatory for the APO Alumni Association of India (AAAI). In case of profit making organizations, the handling charges would be Rs. 12,000/- per participant. 


Service tax applicable at prevalent rates shall be applicable separately on application fee and handling charges.


Please read the project notification carefully before applying.

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